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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Why historical romance?

I don't stray from historical romance and I doubt anyone could ever convince me to. In my opinion, it's best to stick with what you enjoy, rather than risking writing something you don't care for and being awful at it. Certainly there is that possibility that you'll be good at it, but not being good, or struggling for something you have no passion for, seems silly to  me.

One day I hope to be able to give up my day job and spend my time reading and writing. I imagine all authors wish they could be the next Jude Devereaux. For some it comes, in time. For others, it's just sticking with your love of the written word.

Either way, I'm okay with it. I want to share my writing and tell my stories of historical romance. I hope there's others that want to hear them, but even if I never achieve Jude's status, I'm happy being me and writing what I love.

Now I'm of to google how to appropriately have and use an author blog. What on earth did we all do before google?

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