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Friday, December 6, 2013

Epic Fails

If you couldn't tell, I'm seemingly enough not a dedicated blogger. I imagine that's for a number of reasons. What do I even talk about. I've not decided to release anything just yet. I'm still feeling my way through agents and publishers and growing as an author. I've gotten some ghost written information on some series that seem promising from a friend of mine who is seeking to be an agent. Do I sign on with her? I don't know.

Secondly, does anyone even read the stuff I do put here? It's not very exciting. At least not yet.

I'm making progress. I did fail NaNoWriMo because real life took over. Death is never easy even when the person was ready to die. Estates are always a mess. I've promised myself I'm going directly to a lawyer next week to set up some decisions and estate items so that no one ever has to deal with them when I'm gone. Just throw me in the ground, sign a few papers and done.

I'll be working on some serious writing over the next few months, at least I'm hoping so. I'll know more soon. After the holiday, it needs to be a year of work, work, work.

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