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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Looking for #GuestBloggers Want to #GuestPost here? Hurry and grab your topic of choice

I'm opening one day a week during 2014 for guest posts from other authors.You can be published or almost published. You can be indie or traditionally published. I've included a list of guest posts below. Each will have limited space for 2014 (and may repeat in 2015 or I may go with new topics). If there is a demand, I may allow two posts on Saturdays for guests or add an additional day. We'll see. Additionally, some may overlap into 2015.

For now, if you are interested in one of the topics below,get it written up and then email it to me at Be sure to include which item you are selecting in the subject line.

I will keep you updated on slots that are open for each post, so be sure to bookmark this blog entry so that you can visit often.

Topics available are (each guest post is allowed one book cover, one blurb, a buy link and an author site link)

1. Your book is contracted to become a movie and you get to pick the actors. Tell us a bit about each of your characters, who would play them and why.
2. You're being whisked away by your favorite book character (one you've written or one written by another author). Tell us the book and author along with the character name. Where would you go? What would you do? And why did you choose this character?
3. Write your own flash fiction piece. You provide the image and 250 word minimum up to 1000 word maximum for your post.
4. Tell us about your favorite movie.
5. Tell us about your favorite book.
6. Tell us about your favorite television show.
7. Top 10 lists -

  • What you didn't know about becoming an author
  • What we didn't know about you
  • What we didn't know about "title of your book"
  • Tips for  becoming a better writer
  • Favorite books of all time
  • favorite movies of all time
  • what's your playlist?
8. Behind the scenes, what does your typical day look like
9. Writers block. Real of not? How to deal with it?
10. Who is your favorite all time villain?
11. You're stranded on a desert island, what happens while you're there?
12. What are your goals for 2014?
13. Profile two of your main characters.
14. What book are you currently reading and how did you chose it? Tell us a bit about it.
15. Write a What's New post detailing what you have upcoming (projects, appearances and so on).

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