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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

There Are So Many Of Me Out There #Authors #StandOut #BeDifferent #Romance #Historical

There are so many authors out there. How on earth do any one of us stand out?

You've read the news here and there "New author gets $1M book deal." Will that happen to anyone reading this or me? Likely not.

You've read the news "Just set to go to a television series." Will that happen to anyone reading this or me? Likely not.

You've also read the news "Just set to go to movie, at least 3 parts." Will that happen to anyone reading this or me? Likely not.

Now, it's not feeling sorry for myself, it's not underestimating my ability. It's being real. Deals like that are like the lottery. Many, many people play and there's one very lucky winner.

I mean, look over at my left side bar. I have TWO followers. It takes a long time to build up a track record and even longer to get your books out there.How do we keep ourselves in the news? How do we keep new content on our blogs and interact on social media while still finding time to meet our novel deadlines?

But how many of us will be too old to possibly enjoy later?

Not to mention, we still need to manage to take time to buy groceries, do laundry, clean, cook, pay bills, and maybe even take a shower.

This is why (see, there was a point to this) as authors, we have to simply love what we do. We have to love the adrenaline that comes from deadlines. We have to enjoy the torture of edits and reedits. We have to learn patience (I mean, sure you get that book deal, but then its months of waiting for edits, then months more to hear on publication, then months more to see it out there).

As I've told my personal friends, writing isn't about making money or seeing your work as the latest feature at the box office. It's about loving your characters, building your world and wanting to share it with as much of the world as you can.

If you're an author who's in it only for money (while we all want to pay the bills off it, will it ever happen?) then you may want to rethink it or see if E.L. James will co-author something with you.


  1. Now you have 3 followers! =D

    As a self-published writer, I feel your pain. It feels like being a teeny guppy in all the oceans, doesn't it?

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  3. Hi there! I got your message on book blogs, just started following your blog! If you are interested I post cover reveals, promo and reviews on The Bookish Fairy ( ~Nichole

  4. Hi Kahleena,
    I'm like yourself an author, struggling with the same issues. Following on GFC.You can follow my blog on
    Thanks Angela

  5. Thanks so much for stopping in :) I'm going to follow both blogs, just give me a few minutes :)