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Monday, December 9, 2013

This Crazy #authors Five Year Plan #FiveYearPlan

I knew I needed to write out writing goals to be successful. A little reminder of where I am, where I was, where I'm going, and where I want to be. This was discussed in a yahoo loop I'm a member of and I remembered seeing a really brilliant detailed one. Of course, I can no longer find it anywhere. This was back when I was just playing around with writing. Mostly for relaxing, with no interest in publishing. Things are different now.

While I'm new, this is my outline. Some may find it useful, others a place to start, still others may tear it to shreds as being incorrect. All I can say is, I'm doing my best and maybe the next 5 year plan will be better. Since we all need to continue to grow and learn, I'm open to opinions and suggestions.

Now I realize the goals have to be realistic. They need to be achievable, targeted, measurable and specific.

I also need to sort through the rubbish pile. I need to stop starting new projects before I'm done with others. Yes, if an idea comes to mind, I can jot it down. But then I need to tuck it away in a safe place until what's already on my pile is gone. New ideas are like shiny new toys, they become your fling. You feel the need to start them. Don't do it! Write down the idea and go back to what you need to finish.

Then I have to determine what my first 3 projects are to focus on. They'll get done one at a time, not flinging back and forth.

With that, I know I don't want to over extend myself. As much as I'd like to live in a shoe and do nothing but write 12 hours a day, it's simply not realistic for me. So, I'm setting my goal at 10,000 words per week. With a "vacation" month (read: catch up because I'm so far behind and don't want to fail) here and there in my plan. Each year these "vacation" months will be - June, July, November, December. That still allows for a yearly goal of 320,000 words. I know I'd love more, but, that's my minimum.

Now, if you have a huge stack of things, like I do, you can sort them. Yearly and by priority. Make the 1's the most important, the 2's what you tackle next that year if you have time. The 3's would fall in after that and so on.

This focuses on my writing goals. I also need to outline promotional and marketing. But this is my initial writing plan.

Finish up To Meet a Highlander 1 (If not done in December)
To Meet a Highlander 2
To Meet a Highlander 3
To Meet a Highlander 4
*These are all at least 90K and a huge goal for year one, but I'm already committed. Deadlines are pressure and I must make them.*
-This also includes full synopses as well-

A View to a Kilt
To Meet a Highlander 5
-Lessor Goal: begin side work on a secret series

Heart of a Warrior 1
To Meet a Highlander 6
-Lessor Goal: continue side work on a secret series

Heart of a Warrior 2
To Meet a Highlander 7
-Lessor Goal: continue side work on a secret series

Heart of a Warrior 3
To Meet a Highlander 8
-Hope that first secret edition is ready for release
--Lessor Goal: begin side work on a second secret series

1 comment:

  1. Great plans, Kathleena! Your ambition for 2014 astounds me. lol Good luck! I've been thinking of doing a plan for a year or two at a time to give me direction and this gives me hope of doing it too. :)