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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My #Blogging #Dedication is Awful, Social Networks, #Facebook #Twitter #FlashFiction and #Newsletter

I was going to be so on top of everything for 2014. After all, I should be excited, publishers are looking at my manuscripts, and the outlook is good.

But when it comes to blogging, I'm terrible. I have nothing to say that I figure is of any importance. And right now, I'm just babbling. Is there really an interest in it? lol (Can you tell by how I also group everything together in one post?)

What I do is write. Stories. A different time period.

My schedule right now, due to deadlines, is a bit busy. But that's a good thing. I had considered a weekly flash fiction post, but finding historical images, I'm imaginging won't be too east. I may see if I can manage some sort of monthly flash fiction providing I can find the images to do so with.

As far as social networks. I can't seem to really get everywhere. I'm on twitter the most when I can manage to remember to do it. ( )

My personal facebook page, I simply don't even have the motivation to mess with. So, if you prefer facebook, please like my page and I'm going to try to be there a bit more often to at least look in and say something. ( )

Finally, I know I'm a new author without a whole lot of important stuff to say, but I've decided to start a newsletter. I'd be thrilled if you'd sign up. I don't know exactly what I'll have to put in them, but I will be doing a new piece of historical romance just for the newsletter. I'm not sure just yet about how long each part will be (I've been told for newsletter purposes not to go over 1000 words for a story per newsletter, but I'm still researching and would love to hear your input). My newsletter will start on or around Feb 15, 2014 and will include the first installment to whatever story I decide to place there. Like I said, I write. That's pretty much all I seem to know. So, a vast majority of my newsletter until I have release information will be the writing of a free story for readers.
Sign up -

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  1. Don't worry it will all fall into place. Been calling myself a writer for years but can't seem to get anything published but so far people like my blogging style. So I guess we will just learn little by little. Congrats on your book acceptance.