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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Of Interest #Triberr #GFC #Hops and More

As I've mentioned, I am terrible at this whole social media concept. In that I've been hunting for ideas. And I mean hunting. A lot of the bloggers that have been around for years profess to have all this wonderful information, but to me; the posts state the obvious. The obvious which I can figure out on my own as well as anyone else can.

I discovered a new blogger. She was blogging PR and then switched to becoming an author. Anyway, she has a number of blog series coming up to assist authors and help us, as well as her, to determine how to try to improve our social media and our options as authors.

She just created a tribe for historical romance authors here -

Unlike many others I've encountered, even though she has a degree in marketing, she doesn't profess to be a know it all. It's an attitude I appreciate and welcome.

For those curious, I've also promised to share the other tribes I'm in -

Also, I've found a new GFC help for bloggers and authors. It's new so it'll take some time to build up, but there's also an option to be a co-host and there's no prizes required and no money to be spent (which is great for authors starting out like me). You can find it here -

Do you have a post or idea that I might want to share? Please email me and I'll share it with my readers as well.

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