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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Evil that is a #Synopsis - Being an #author isn't all dream world

My book was done. That's the worst part. Right? I mean, thousands and thousands of words, plotting, characters. I knew where to sub it and who was waiting on it. Then I was trying to determine how to lead my next book. It is a series, after all.

But no. The synopsis. No matter how much someone else might want your book. They want a synopsis. Thankfully the don't require 5-10 pages. But even so. I thought I'd never get it done.

There's so much pressure on a synopsis. I mean, it's your chance to really sell your book. If you mess it up, no matter how great your book may be - your synopsis could blow it for you.

It's almost impossible to retell the story, in a captivating manner. I mean, we already wrote it the manner we thought would catch a reader. Now we have to shorten that and tell it again?

Yes, go ahead. Laugh at me. I'm laughing at myself right this moment.

But in the end, I'm glad the synopsis is over for this book and I'm already wanting to run, screaming with fear, from the one I know will have to be written at the end of the next book.

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