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Sunday, March 23, 2014

#SundaySnippet 2 by Kahleena MacCarthy #Historical #Romance

This is from To Meet a Highlander - Zarik (currently with publisher)

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            For what seemed like twenty minutes, Zarik just stared at him. Finally he had to ask. “Have ye lost yer mind?”
            The question only seemed to throw Drostan into another fit of laughter. Soon there were more than a couple of people staring their way. While Drostan was naturally good natured, he never laughed so much.
            “Fookin arsehole.” Zarik turned to leave.
            “Now wait just a minute.” Drostan tried to regain his breath. “I didnae tell her why ye were there. Only that ye were. I told her Rage calmed ye when ye had reason to think.”
            Zarik gave him a glare.
            “Well, ye did need to think. I didnae lie. I just omitted some parts. She didnea know ye were going to find yer comfort between the legs of yet another whore.”


  1. Oh, this sounds great. I love the bit of play between them.

  2. I so love Abbye for all the visits I see her making, and I love the last line of your share. Thank you for being part of the group and I hope you'll continue. I think I've got the list figured out...if you're wondering about the email I just sent you. :)

    1. Thanks Ginger. I think I've managed to visit everyone now as well.

  3. The more I read these snips the more intrigued I get. Great six Kahleena! Looking forward to more!

  4. Fabulous dialog! I love good dialog. You've really nailed the heavy Highland brogue. I can HEAR it as I read. And I love the line: "I told her Rage calmed ye when ye had reason to think." Great 6!

  5. Ah, bad boys with a Highland brogue--it doesn't get much better than that!