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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dusting Myself Off to #SelfPublish ( #Indie ) #Rejection Isn't the End

I've thought and thought about the rejections. The thing is, no one said it was poorly written. As a matter of fact, most told me they enjoyed it but couldn't accept based on:
1) too much conflict
2) not enough conflict
3) not enough sex
4) too much sex

So, really, I guess it's just down to individual preference.

Anyway, I've decided to lunge into self-publishing. I guess it's my best chance to write the way I want and still maybe get my writing out to someone.

Cover reveal will be Aug 1
Release Blitz will be Aug 11
Tour will be Sept 1-20

This is assuming everything stays on schedule with editors, formatters, cover artist, etc.

And now it's almost time to work on that next book :)

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