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Friday, August 29, 2014

In the Pages #BlogHop - Win #Signed #PrintBook of Zarik #Highlander #Romance #Giveaway

Look, it's a hop.

If you go down a bit farther, you'll see I'm giving away a signed print copy of my Highlander time travel romance book.

In the Pages of a Good Book wanted us to discuss friendship. Admittedly, I have very few people I consider friends and even a smaller number that I consider really good friends. What I will share is an experience that I thought only happened in movies and novels - Have you ever met that person and it all felt right? It was as though you'd known them your entire life and you'd only just met?

That recently happened to me. We're very different on many levels, but also alike on several. It's strange for two people that think so differently to have such an instant connection.

Those that know me, know it's difficult for me to trust - trusting this new person was simple and immediate.

I can honestly say, I now believe that people can have an instant connection - it is far more than something simply created for a good story line.

For this event I am giving away a signed print copy of this book. It is open to US residents (as I am clueless as to how to ship out of the US - sorry...I'll learn one of these days). To enter, simply leave a comment below. All comments will be given a number (in order) and the winner will be selected by

            Meet Zarik MacKinnon, soon to be chief of his clan. Stubborn, unrelenting and not in need of love. For years he's been told by the clan's druid that someone will come to save him. Someone for him to love. He's shrugged his shoulders and continued on in his protection of his clan. Never wanting to be chief, Zarik is surprised when Tsarina Fraser arrives and is said to be the one he must marry. The catch? She's from the future.
            Tsarina arrives in old Scotland knowing her destiny. However, she never realized her wedding could be sabotaged. Would she truly be happy in her new time? Would she marry the right Highlander? Her fate seemed to be set until her brother and their mutual friend arrive from the future too.
            Zarik may only be able to ever promise her food for her belly and protection, but Tsarina is determined to get him to love her. If she can't, will her love be enough for the both of them and the clan Zarik will on day lead?
            Tsarina, Zarik, their family and friends push on to overcome obstacles, attacks by neighboring clans, and to find their love for one another.
 You can check it out here:

1 comment:

  1. I definitely believe that people can have instant connections. I have felt them myself several times in my life. Some of them become special people in my life and some of them are just passing through. ;)
    LOVE that cover!! Very sexy! Great blurb as well. I am adding it to my TBR.
    Thank you for the opportunity to read it.
    trb0917 at gmail dot com