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Thursday, August 14, 2014

#NewRelease ~ Zarik & Why I'm Not Like Most #Authors #Highlander

Yes, it's finally released.

Excited? Of course.

Then why did it take me a week or so to post here?

Here's why I guess I'm not like most other authors. I worked hard on this book - really hard. Then it went through several editing phases, then got a face (book cover), then was pieced together for ebook release.

It went up on Amazon and a few people have found it without really promoting it's official release. (And, of course, you always get that one person that reads and returns it.)

I had a cover reveal planned, which happened. No buy links there though.

I had an official release day blitz planned. I got totally cold feet and jumped shipped. I mean, people can be cruel and it seems those that like your book don't want to speak up, but those that find fault with either the book or the author or the time period or the lack of sex, or too much sex - ans so on -- they want to shout it from every hill they can find.

As an author, we need thick skin. I'm not saying mine is super thick, but I can handle honest, respectful criticism. After all, I am only human and I worked on this book for a long time. It's difficult for any author to truly not feeling anything if someone hates their book.

So while my book is out there, I've not shouted it's release from the hill tops. I guess that makes me crazy. We work so long and so hard to be published and then I dropped the ball.

But, now I'm telling you it is released :) It's on Amazon and the print version will be there soon. The ebook will be discounted if you've also purchased the print book as well.

You can check it out here:


  1. OOh Zarik is looking rather wonderfully tasty! If you need any help in your release blitz - lemme know. Good luck ;)

  2. It's hard putting yourself out there, isn't it? But you've done it--you've written and published a book! The cover is sexy as hell! So shout it to the world!