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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Want to #Host my #BookTour ? Zarik - #Highlander #Romance #TimeTravel

Anyone want to host my book tour in September for Zarik? If so, please email me directly or leave a comment with your information below - blog link and email address at minimum :) (my facebook page won't allow me to get messages). Let me know what dates you can host as well as what type(s) of post you'd like. I'm open to:
promo posts
character interviews (if you have questions, otherwise I'm clueless)
guest posts (most helpful if you have a topic you'd like me to cover)
top 10 lists
any other idea you have is great too - just tell me what you have in mind

I'll work on getting all information over to you as soon as I can (I know some people like to schedule well in advance). I'm thinking September 15-30 (however, I am willing to go into October if enough people are interested in hosting). Email me

Amazon Link -

About the book -
            Meet Zarik MacKinnon, soon to be chief of his clan. Stubborn, unrelenting and not in need of love. For years he's been told by the clan's druid that someone will come to save him. Someone for him to love. He's shrugged his shoulders and continued on in his protection of his clan. Never wanting to be chief, Zarik is surprised when Tsarina Fraser arrives and is said to be the one he must marry. The catch? She's from the future.
            Tsarina arrives in old Scotland knowing her destiny. However, she never realized her wedding could be sabotaged. Would she truly be happy in her new time? Would she marry the right Highlander? Her fate seemed to be set until her brother and their mutual friend arrive from the future too.
            Zarik may only be able to ever promise her food for her belly and protection, but Tsarina is determined to get him to love her. If she can't, will her love be enough for the both of them and the clan Zarik will on day lead?
            Tsarina, Zarik, their family and friends push on to overcome obstacles, attacks by neighboring clans, and to find their love for one another.
Hang out with me -

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